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Esther Taylor has an unrelenting dream of helping the children of Uganda. To make this dream possible, she has developed a number of projects, some of them short term, others ongoing.

From time to time we will announce new projects and report on completed ones.

For the remainder of 2017, we are concentrating on three projects.


Our Current Projects

Support a Child

When Esther met Alex, Moses, and Steven in 2007, her heart was stirred to sponsor these and hundreds of other vulnerable children who have limited access to adequate housing, clothing, education and medical care.

Today, Samaritan’s Hand sponsors the children who attend the school. They come from extremely poor families, and they need any help you can give them.

We suggest sponsoring a child at one of three different levels:

  • $30 a month: This is the basic level that all our school children need. It will provide two nutritious meals per day at the school. We never exclude a child from breakfast or lunch.
  • $50 a month: not all our children can afford the school tuition. This gift will provide for food and tuition fees.
  • $100 a month: will provide food, tuition and medical care.

If you choose the $30 or $50 per month levels, you will be assigned a child who needs sponsorship at either of those levels.

If you give at the $100 level, you will be assigned at child who needs $50 support and your remaining $50 will go into a medical emergency fund. We separate this out because we never know which child is going to get sick.

Our desire is for each sponsor to see what impact they have in a child’s life. We will make every effort to send regular pictures and updates, and you are free to correspond with your child.

Namuganga School Project

The children in the school are supported individually through our Support a Child Project. However, the school itself has costly physical needs.

When Esther first visited the school, there were 100 children packed into a 12’x 12’ wooden shack that was attached to a mud church.

There was no furniture except for one small table in the corner of the room. There was no room for the teacher to stand comfortably. The children sat on the floor. They didn’t have books. They had a limited amount of paper, but only four pencils.

Since then, Samaritan’s Hand has made great improvements to the school, but now there are 300 students instead of just 100. We need sponsors to keep up with the growth!

Our goal for 2017 is to build a classroom that will accommodate 30 children.

Esther’s Home Team

Esther works hard at her office in the San Diego area, and is always blessed when people lend a helping hand. Join Esther’s Home Team and support her on the home front.

  • Be a part of Esther’s prayer team.
  • Volunteer in the office.
  • Collect medical supplies, clothing, shoes, toys and other items.
  • Help Esther prepare supplies for shipment.
  • Help out with special events.
  • Help financially with home front expenses.

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