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Completed Projects


The Well Project

The well was completed this year in February 2017. It is providing water for the school and church and Namuganage village. The neighbors are welcome to draw all the water they need. The well provides water for 2 villages.



The Toilet Project

This is a picture of the toilet that was built by Samaritan’s Hand for a school in Mubende. Their toilet was in such a poor condition that the students could not use it. Samaritan’s Hand stepped in and made it possible to construct a new toilet for the school.



The Church Project

Both the school and the Church used the same building, for learning and worshiping. By God’s grace Samaritan’s Hand was able to construct a new church for the community. This provided a better meeting place to worship God on Sundays. It also provided 2 classrooms for the school, an office, and storage room.

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